Professor Guy Burger spoke to Jeremy Maggs E TV News tonight.

“…if you take the service delivery protests, in a way that’s saying we’re not getting information here, we don’t have a platform, we don’t understand all this kind of high folutin’ stuff that’s going on in the mainstream media and so we’ll speak in a way we know people will listen, we’ll burn things but if we actually had more local media then people could actually use it and that media was also keeping track of local government and holding local government accountable, then I think we wouldn’t have all these explosions.” Professor Guy Burger; head of journalism and media studies at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa speaking to Jeremy Maggs on E TV News.

Jeremy Maggs interviewing the esteemed professor in response to today’s announcement…

“The government’s introduction of legislation that seeks to control the media is a threat to press freedom, Raymond Louw, publisher of the Southern Africa Report.

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